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What is UZO1.COM Affiliate Program?

It’s a way for you or your organization to raise money by referring people to shop through UZO1.COM. You get 10% for all UZO1 Brand products and 5% for all other none UZO1.COM brands from every order you refer excluding taxes and shipping cost!

How does it work?

Simply share your UZO1.COM link in a variety of ways. This will bring them directly to our website – you don’t have to do anything else! We sell the widest assortment of unique products for you and your organization selection! You can attract a very broad audience to shop through your affiliate account. When people shop through your UZO1.COM link, you make money!

What tools are given to help me get the word out?

Digital Website Banners

We offer digital website banners for you to put on your website or in emails. You receive commission on all orders generated through your website banner clicks.

Payment Methods

Payout can be in the form of check or an electronic payment.

For check, you must accumulate $25 in commissions to be be eligible for the next affiliate payout. Payout checks are mailed every two months. We issue payments six times a year.

Who should join?

The affiliate program is a great opportunity for individuals, churches, clubs, organizations, distributors, sales agents, and website owners.

Why should I join?

Make money. Our commission is 10 percent for all UZO1 Brand products and 5 percent for all other non UZO1 Brands excluding taxes and shipping cost. At UZO1.COM, the more you sell, the more you earn. We do not set quotas or require you to meet unrealistic sales projections.

Provide unbeatable selection

We offer many unique product assortments. Your customers or organization will always find unique and special products at UZO1.COM. And every single product sold will earn you commission, every time!

Offer the lowest prices

We offer the most competitive prices on the Web for our products. We also offer many promotions and seasonal sales throughout the year. This will help you earn more and provide your customers/associates with the best value on the Web.

Receive helpful reports

You’ll get online access to your daily reports so you can always see how much you’ve earned. You can also keep track of the number of unique visitors.

Get expert help

While our affiliate program is easy to setup up, our expert staff makes it even easier. Your program advisor will provide helpful hints, tips for better selling, and news about hot products and special promotions.

Join for free

It’s absolutely free to become a UZO1.COM affiliate. Just fill out an online application, and read our Affiliate Program Agreement. Signup Now!

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